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what not and wet willis
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tis the peace and joy of such a moment
to only wish it to never end

Pink bunny,tis the dream of the fool
Pink bunny

The beast that is me

hey y'all itz me been awhile since
i been doin this,but fukit.
got outta the burger jockey bizzniss.
working as a trash removal technison.
or a porter in lamens terms.

voice recognition


The rain falls, the sirens go off. Does this sound go on forever?-Depression the bunny.
Today I was on bowlvision. If your a stoner at all I'm sure you can figure out what that might be. A straight edge on something called bowlvision, its just wrong somehow.

A mask,upon a mask,upon a mask.maybe for the public only,for myself only prehaps.

don't slip you just might miss some importance.
some truly deep thought within these ramblings
thats it and you know i mean it when i say im sorry
for what maybe just maybe i dont know.just take a moment
to smile again it will become so very simple.theres a place
i go that i know how to show whats on the inside.wake up will be said
wake up.but lo behold that great snooze button in the sky! i just would like those few other minutes to process my plan for today but how to go about it 
i shall that another time another place.

going to hell again,this week bad clown is going with me.


some fresh comp art to bend your eyes upon.come on folks tell me what you think, is there anybody out there?well ill try to tidy up the place,but i blame it all on t.v. and expensive waiting for the end the sweet and insignificant end.may it come soon and take me someplace else.but i write this with my love for xdepresssionx.

my muse and love

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the world needa another folk singer,like i need another hole in my head

screwy aint it?

brought forth acording to the shifts within life,
it is better to dream  of what may be.
brought forth for you to wander amongst what you want it to be
hold fast it endlessly awaits


the hat in this picture now belongs to me, cause I never take care of myself when its cold. Heehee.

just in case:this is for
the people that want to know me
those whom may remember me
this is not empty space.thats my sleep
a foundation of nobody else in this world.
something me and my brain agreed upon doing.

im just batty just batty for you...

you like da poems yeah?
poems are nice yeah?good.
go to to see un posted 
and wont be posted poems                             

conformist breadown something to fluent.
awake today only by choice.pigots took control
somewere within this place.i stood up to say...
to only be the villian again.take another line make
it all fine.finding the reason within self, cannot 
hold back what not and all else.scapegoat for someone's
excuse of being.tired of it all whats new my friend.
beyond something else another time from now.
i dont know about you but i can feel it now,
electric snake comeing right for us.
to strange to live to strange to die.
tim batty

smile dammit dont make me give you a reason too...
shroomsmile.jpg fucking smile or i will realy give you a reason too!

Blue robotic man

than he said"look out Bob ,is behind you?"
which brings us upon the subject of Bob.
Bob is the current subject for the moment,
alright now take a minute and just think
of Bob.Bob knows you but not
in the weird creepy way nuh uh.
he's like the stoned uncle wit the big grin
that is Bob.

cartoon network is fresh retardation just for you.toonami is brainwashing material.yes i love it all


i know you people are coming here,so why
are you doing this to me just take a moment
and sign the book.please!well if you dont
your nuffin but a pot-bellied ignorant yoohoo.

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A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

yes its a majik mushy so
take a lick for yourself
and see why i have such a smile...


hey looky! another pic of me,what you expect its my fuckin site damnit!

the bunny,yes i said it now whip me again momma! do it now c'mon yah now! now! now!