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sifting in the dreams
im at the point in my life where.
i have found god,in myself
i see the only savior in my life in the mirror.
yet all he does  have is the questions,
i must seek the answers from my fellow lords.
i have a goddess in my life,there are many.
yet she cares for me for reasons out of my reach.
i have given her my heart,as simple as a
gift a humble man as myslelf could give.
and this goddess has accepted it, i cannot turn
away now for it is hers to break or to keep.
as tired and wounded as i am i must wake from this sleep,
and maintain and dedicate for i am weak.
if mine goddess shall have it.
i will be kept and i may weep.
tim batty
dedicated to:depression

May cause Friction like Nosebleeds
the fine line has been drawn
and i stood in fizzle foom
bebob wondermint as it was snorted up.
contrast may bleed for few
waiting to frequently finding
the pain were it always was.
misplaced within the shadows.wake up
was the distant calls.fuzzy funky.
cookie sheet half baked bread.
its alright sometime alone is good
whup whup yeah thats likely.alpha
after gamma only inbetween delta.
plaid has feelings to.yeah there's
some understandings.introducing
bionic like happenings diluted and generic
consumption is only half the story
ladies and gentlemen.but by some of
the weightest chance is that all there is?
confrontation may already alter
the wobbled ass of whom.
   tim batty


self portrait

Thinking Of  You
remarkable bounce bounce.feel free
to let go at any point to understand how to fly.
fade into restarunt scene creamy vanilla muffin please?
pastels and papercuts, another today is what i got.
taking a ride to someplace.sometimes is one of my
favorite things.transgressions within shoe
peek peep.smokeadellic fine choice of words
you've gotten yourself into.trip on trip off...
lack of reasoning makes this all possible. and if nothing else stir maybe the words will form not at all.yellow resin
collecting upon corner side lint residential pocket.
come let me take you away was said,hope someday
only to dream of the dream so true
tim batty

high again written bi shroomy and bigboy
Stoned again,High again,On the train we go...