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what not and wet willis

Fandango! you got to say it at the top of your lungs at random moments with your arms spread in the air the
people will look at you fuuny and ask you for and explanantion but hell if your at this website you wont be giving them one and it wont be anything new.


nothing,it is what beauty is.the emptyness.

she is what beckons me.



A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

living each day that itself.take what comes and accept it.there are people in this world who have one foot in yesterday,bitchin and moanin 'bout how bad it was.and their other foot in tommrow worrying all about what's to know what those people are doing with today...
they're pissing all over it.from me to you thats the truth

beware of the cat named breadstick



All Hail The Pink Bunny
cause the pink bunny gots it goin on...


mister candyman send me some (add drug of choice depending on the moment here) make it the sweetest _____ that i ever seen...

Blue Bouncing Capsule

finding the best medcine is the ones that make you forget

Teak Wood Growing Capsule

pimpadellicfreaknic first i must admit that
than i will be allowed to continue but upon what.
sometimes you will find a person
that wants what they may not have.
at times i relize i will never know evrything
about myself

A mature couple; Actual size=240 pixels wide

with all my years of experience.i have learned
that you can alway turn your back on a person
but you can never turn your back on a drug

"...and than i said,finklefornkinsnikle."
yeah you just had to see his reaction to that.
"i cant belive it"remarked john with a twisted
look upon his face,the room was dense not full
just the vibe it would give.sitting here listening to these wonton idjits mouthing evrything so finely.i struck up the
mentality to get up.i found it

im just a blue eye junkie

one of the worst things in life for one to happen is to fall in love with anothor that is close to you and not have them feel the same for you but this is nothing new within life this is just my own footnote

Grass Close Up

should i know bi what
reason i have to make such
alright now thats taken care of.
i think i can move on from the
ordinary insanity,just for a few
moments i think ill be completly
well just the person best for the job
well thats me of course.yupperz
you heard it first from me.wangobangotango
the name of the position i will invent someday.