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This is Hell,This is Heaven,And we are All God.

what the hell is going on in this
world today.we are lost, blind as
sheep before the slaughter.
and we smile and thank them
for the hammer fall upon our brow!
we are asleep and are fed dreams,
we no longer know what we really
desire! and how did we manage to
reach the top rank in the food chain.
we are foolish and a failure as a species
guns made bi the hour theres no honor
in the kill anymore,and we are going
to kill it all so fast.the end is so near
cant you see the panic,its there
silent and underlined. 

my comic strip:Just dont look.
daydreaming of a better life


im waiting, im waiting for a day.
that a promise is done.than may
i fulfill a selfish desire,to cause
nay extinguish a flame,that shall
not be seen.will they hear me laugh
then? will they know my name.
running away again maybe not
far away this time.i cannot find
the distance,to forget that lost
smile.that was not my own.
watch as the silent ones fall,
they shall fall from the sky.
their screams shall be heard
then.oh the quiet ones will rise
as loud as the thunder. the tears
will be recognized then.

im workin on something i dont know what yet but you will be the first i tell i promise