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Jeremy the unscared.
concrete establishments,
create cold memories.
Is it my time to be recognized,
or must I be raped and killed
again. Justice is a blind mistress
whom holds a heavy toll.
for so many years untold.
wrong and right by whom says
so, is it your god or god's man.
and yes its fact: big brother is
out to get you, if they don't already
have you. it would'nt hurt to stop hurting mother. Blame everybody else but yourself.
waking up waiting in line to be a t.v. martyr.
Tim Batty '04 4:36am

Evil Lawn Knomes Are The Best To Know
shattering counter clock like pleasents.
just a few moments longer is what is needed.
it is better to hold than it will ever to be held.
furthermore transiten is brought to you bi the letter...
i greatly prefer fairy cake to marshmellows.
jhon stiltz does not live till wednesday.
come over only for a few.lets take slowly.sleeping only
to wake up and the more smoke you breath
the more serene.use a platform for every thought.
takeing within your palms what forever shall be placed befor you,
today will sleep in if its allowed.and some prefer to live with mirrors than clocks. theres a place out there were nobody know your name
tim batty

radio sucks
under the light of one chilled afternoon,
i was feeling fine.the amerkin way high again
it was good musical addicton kicking it
wild beatsurging forth refusing
denyel will not be had
tuneing in and turning on
seeeking the guttral
termonlgy it was only a simple hope
that would not be had.
tune tune not gonna come in
i learn something new each dream
she is a fantasy thoughts
swimming past in tourmoil
flowers are sweet but weed is best
needs must be met job number one
fine soft words whispered...
vexed upon this asortment of problems
i have reasons hopes goals
someone to smile for.
not gonna fuck upthis time
i promise jeremy
i still dont know from the dreams
sill dont matter good times
good night
t i m b a t t y

Strange Sounding Machine
do you ever have to ask yourself
"may i hold my pen the correct way."by the offbeat chance
i thwarted bigones by beseeching upon their woes.
it shall be seen as many things.i may only wonder,
ponder minutes away.failure and bags of wet mice
are not allowed in why, 'cause their not on the guest list.
dreams one of the finer treasures in life.yes i do understand theres an icecream truck with my name on it.every thing is better understood
in the form of a qestion.takeing it all downward.
all that may fill your hundred and ten and all black again.
i cant git her out of my head,shes the only thing i can think of
back bi popular demand the!the pink bunny.
without the burns?what is wrong with our realy fave stoner.
stay tuned next shroom time
next shroom flava
      tim batty

is it? can it be?... yes its artistic crunk!

Hand To Me

you know a voice i remember
told me why somebody has...
big knuckles,so i go i like mine BiG
smash waonderfull beuty
why is it wrong to be thick
color is such a grand thing
scar a little reminder
shuddr whos cold
find the splinter never
good 'cause never fails...
wonderfull land
can you see your dreams
[shroom] befor {shroom}
can you find faith
because its there
sex its such a wonderfull...thing
do forth upon force the end shall see forth
candid portayl in real time!
can you see were a child stood
lifted forth upon an alterd existance
hold on to something soft again
i wonder how nice it will be
some place
laugh at something rael
gott asunder
it be fasle
meager was a lamb
but flesh is best
wonderland is so nice this time of year
tim batty

Another Rose

how do you count progress...
within life.
is it trure that being a person
is good anuff.
vivid dreams of flesh come forth...
i ask please.
seek a new place to be happy.
just let go for a single...
was when i lost so many...
simplyfy the situation and
you will still get lost within.
but what is it that...
who wants what...
can it just stop please...
i want to find...
how willing one is...
just let the morning come.
maybe someday

tim batty

Fantasy In Toyland

it all makes sense
somewere to someone.
candle wick riddles
away the shadows.
yet the night knows the rhymes
learnd by time.
blissfully kissing the night away
ignoring the pain is the best way
wayward reality within a burning land
wanting to embrace...
maybe stay...
open my eyes and the
dream is still real
all i want to do is make you...
im real baby,that all i ever
try to be,try it someday.
breaking away from the pain of
continue to embrace a new day.
hey kitten purr for me tonight.
you know how to make me smile.
tim batty


smoke filled images within
the tinted glass.
foward motion is the best
we can hope for
wandering my life away.
american made to please all
pretend at this juncture...
look at whats realy there
is it so is it so
break down the cycle
let it all fall down
forthcoming journals extrated
in due time within this cretinous mind,
do you find this world to be blind
its not easy being kind
telling yourself everything is fine
how to proceed is the next qeston.
tim batty


what lie beneath it all
can you see...
have you been blinded by ignorence or pain
its good to fill the void with something
hold me tighter i want to feel your heart
i want to feel you.
cataclysmic sounds coming to
tear aprart the curcial moments
unknown to me what all other see
as beutiful yet i still insist
stare into the reflection of a stranger.
burdon of somebody elses rejection.
memory only stains in time.
wish only to sleep forever
make it another day your way...
cause of failure...
unknown documents of the heart
tell only what was at a time.
lieing to myself only to belive
maybe you can understand my words
melt away plastic figurines
represented by the beggers of dreams
tim batty

For You

forever and ever amen.
tears falling within the night,
only to lose there reason upon destination
red blareing trails going nowere.
puddles signyfy pleasure from both
partners conjoined within passion
refuse bred-in patterns
creation is so much more
there will never be a pattern.
remember the silence it will be the undoing.
embrace the killer that come for you,
they sing such sweet lulabys
non-profit pleasantrys damning good byes.
rigid hope swaying within the breeze...
compassion filled words
waiting for mine to come
so many of my own given away
take anothe peice away from my heart
to offer to a stranger
tim batty