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Fuck Bush! o.0 Elect Shroomy Next term!
Wh0 @^^ !
Wh0 @^^ !
what not and wet willis
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hey,how we doin?well me.i dont know.ask again later.thanx

Walking guy

Hey one hey all come see this one
and only modified slightly fried,one of a kind
Weirdo!hes a poet with a honey dipped tongue.
He will mystify the great lords above.This
finely tuned '82 is fine an smooth.
willing and able,worship and all those
other dirty duties  at hand.
im sorry thou.warranty expired
at birth ma'dam.

Indigo doggy


Do unto others as they do unto you.its just the cycle of karma forever spinning beyond our sight


Isn't he pretty? -Depression

i cant  figure at times
if im working hard or hardly working.


Blue Glass Hand Pointing Up

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

i love Bunny!its as simple as that.
bunny yes now i can say it,i love you bunny.
and all you people can now have an excuse to stare
at me strangely.
Aww, I love you too, even though you called me bunny all over the internet.


i hated every second of wearing that suit.


tErmS  F o R  LifE

i told jesus i wasnt going to church,
and he shook my hand

sit on my face and tell me that you love me

you put your blue bong in,ya take your blue bong out.
you do the smokey tokey,and you cough all about...

give me slack
or kill me

how do you like it baby

to suspect some may get you far within life,but who said i trust those whom i surround myself.

some choose the path least taken,and some choose the hamster wheel.

I like a variety of whips.

smile!your going to die tommrow.

Shup! (yes its my own word that i made up it save you time from saying shut-up trust me people im a genius.)

thats because you close your eyes when you look at pepole.

Trick or Treat?

dont ever abuse children
cause kids grow up,and may come back
to abuse you.,im okay just
needed a wee nipple rub.


june 15 1982
6' 180lb. 
brown eyes.
 dark brown hair  
7 tattoos.
many scars by my own hand. 
(wish list,thirteen surface left arm,jacobs ladder,four rings in bottem lip
,and to repierce my hand)
im a very open minded person willing to try anything new once,twice if i like it,and a third time if i want to be an addict.
im  currently looking upon my muse. but heres what i respect  in a person.he/she dosent take physcal beuty to the extreme and is happy with there body.somebody that knows of there own true beuty,and accepting of who
a person is,and looking torward spending
time being a a unique poet
with my very own belief system
i cannot even interpit it myself
will you listen?im sure i will allow you to quote me.
but alas you do not even read this.
and im only fading away