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Fuck Bush! o.0 Elect Shroomy Next term!

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Haha, no more stalker applications. I forgot this was up here for the longest time. I was actually kind of his stalker before we started dating. Haha, good times. Anyway, in case any of you want to talk to me too, I put my stuff up. Not that I expect anything, but it's there. Ciao!

whats your problem to dope sick to send a freakin e-mail you know you want to hell my e-mail is timothybatty@yahoo.comwhat are you waiting for its almost easter and your running out of milk! beat your feet mister,beat them fast.Steven
is running and nowere fast.may his dream not slow him down.

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AIM: Vote4shroomy
indaflesh:somewere in R.I.
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